• Fused Fine Silver
  • Sterling Silver
  • Copper, Brass
  • Glass Beads/Pendants
  • Glass Sculptures/Goddesses
  • Winestoppers
  • Beer Bottle Spoon Rests
  • Cigar Box Purses
I've been making purses, lampwork beads and jewelry since early 2005 and can't get enough!  My basement studio is where the action is.  So far, I've created items for my family and friends....and, of course, myself.  Now I'm a commissioned artisan selling my pieces at a local art gallery!

When working with glass, I use Moretti, Bullseye, ASK, Double Helix and Lauscha but have been tinkering with Boro and recycled glass lately.  All of my beads, pendants and sculptures are carefully cleaned and properly kiln-annealed.

I have a passion for fusing fine silver, soldering sterling and have been playing around with other metals and techniques.  All of this combines nicely with my glass designs!

My style is simple and organic....and if I won't wear it, I won't sell it!  I will gladly do custom orders.  Send me an
Unique Art Jewelry and Accessories.